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Our focus and mission is to bring (hopefully) all International News, Review (album, EP, video, tracks) into our country audiences. so we accept almost anything genre as long as is a new song. 

We use “Bahasa (Indonesian)” as our primary language, so the international band/musician can get covered with the audiences in Indonesia.

Thing to MUST consider before submit song to us. 

  1. Please submit new song only (no more than 1 Month old)
  2. If the song’s not yet released please include a release day.
  3. Include Picture / Artwork and Social Networks. 
  4. Include Brief / Biography so we can write about it. 
  5. Our daily Editor will listen to the song you submitted, and IF they like it, they will write and post it.

Thanks. and see you in the other side. 

Note : For Album Release, Link Exchange, Sponsorship, Advertising or any enquiries please contact us via

Please use this form to submit your song

More details and information about your song will help us a lot.

And if Your song is published we will get back at you and please share it your fans.

If the song's not yet released please include a release date.
We recommend using or YouTube or Spotify as your main link. But you can add Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc too.
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